I´m an individual interested in Human Rights, especially about North Korea. How I did get to be interested in this is a difficult and long story. This blog is the UNIQUE AND EXCLUSIVE information source in Spanish that currently exists.

I´m a North Korean Freedom Coalition Member

I support Project Cyrus from BMS World Mission

Joshua Stanton from freekorea.us web-site has linked my blog into his.

I´m a non-official translator but with permission of Daily NK news. Daily NK is an “Acclaimed online periodical with citizen reporters inside North Korea”

I received permission from Elizabeth Shim  for translating and publishing her articles.

I´m a translator in Human Rights – Freedom in North Korea

I attended Support for North Korean Exiles event, a New Malden Talk and 2017 International Symposium on North Korean Human Rights event.

I do not charge anything, all my work is for free, I do not enter money, all the expenses come from my pocket. I´m not a charity, I´m not an NGO, I´m an individual who works alone and all the translations and editions are done by myself, I don´t depend on any means, nor government, nor organization, I work completely independently.

Josue de Juan